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Intergraph Smart® Production is a unique integrated production control system for part fabrication and welding assembly that includes work preparation and profile nesting functions. Unlike other data systems, Smart Production is geometry based and supports all the major material splitting production processes like cutting, sawing, slitting, welding assembly, and other processes to produce parts and assemblies from plate and profile material. The deep understanding of prefabrication realities achieved during the last 30 years gives Smart Production a unique opportunity to build up effective production data system for our customers. Smart Production systems minimize the material usage and maximize the usage of personnel and machinery.

The completely new Smart Production Profile Cutting software is an advanced profile part nesting and programming system for macro based profile cutting machines in the market. Using the latest and the most advanced software technologies, Smart Production Profile Cutting is easy to learn and use. Smart Production Profile Cutting guarantees the maximum material savings and effective use of the cutting machines.

Smart Production customers include major steel service centers, shipyards, mechanical engineering companies, and steel construction industry. Smart Production has over 400 customers in 36 countries, and more than 6000 professionals are using Smart Production products daily.

Smart Production Profile Cutting is part of the Intergraph Smart® Production system. It contains specialized software packages for different application areas: steel service centers, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and the construction industry.

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