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Select integrated features on the GIS map. For every feature that you select on the map, its corresponding equipment record is highlighted in the equipment grid and associated work orders are highlighted in the WO grid.

Select features on the map to perform basic GIS Map Search functions on multiple equipment records, e.g., create a route work order.

You can also select equipment records on the equipment grid. Click Select Features, and then select the equipment records in the list. The corresponding equipment record is automatically highlighted on the GIS map. Press SHIFT or CTRL to select multiple equipment records at one time.

  1. Perform a GIS Map Search.

  2. Click Select Features, and then select highlighted features on the map. The highlighted color of the features is changed and the features are numbered in the order that you select them.

    • Install parameter GISSFCLR determines the color with which the selected records are highlighted.

    • Clear features as necessary. The numbers of the remaining selected features are updated.

    • To select multiple features on the map at one time, click Select Features, and then click and drag on the GIS map to include the desired area. All of the features contained within the area are highlighted and randomly numbered.