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  1. Open an existing map.

  2. View attribute discrepancies.

    Do not click Synchronize Discrepancies.

  3. Highlight the feature for which to view discrepancy details, and then click the Details tab. Layer, Equipment, FID, Description, and Org. are automatically populated, and a list of field mapping records is displayed for the feature.

    Only discrepancy mapping records with an Action of Copy are displayed. Contact your system administrator for more information.

  4. View the discrepancy records. GIS Attribute and its data in GIS Value are displayed and the corresponding EAM Attribute and its data in EAM Value. The Owner indicates the system from which the data will be copied during synchronization.

    • If multiple GIS attributes are mapped to a single EAM attribute or vice-versa, the system lists the attributes on separate lines but groups them together.

    • During synchronization, the system concatenates or parses data according to the Sequence and Delimiter defined on the field mapping record. Contact your system administrator for more information. If the system must parse data because one field is mapped to multiple fields, it verifies that the number of fields to which to map data matches the instances of concatenated data in the source field. If it does not, the system does not synchronize the data. If, however, the source field in the owner system contains a null value, the system copies the null value to the multiple fields in the other system and overwrites any data that those fields originally contained.

  5. Specify this information:

    New Owner Value - Specify a value to override the current data contained within the owner system. During synchronization, the system writes the new value to the owner system and then copies the value to the other system.

    You cannot enter a New Owner Value if there is a discrepancy with a Layer, Location X, or Location Y. These values are populated automatically based on the feature’s actual map location.

  6. Click Synchronize Discrepancies.

    The attributes are synchronized based on the values contained within the owner system or based on the values entered in New Owner Value.

    An error message is shown in either HxGN EAM Result or GIS Result for any record whose discrepancies cannot be synchronized.

    Click Next Record or Previous Record to view the details of the next or previous discrepancy record within the list on the Synchronize Attributes page.

  7. Click Close.