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Create routes according to the geographic location of the pieces of equipment within the route, and then create a work order and activity for the route.

  1. Perform a GIS Map Search.

  2. Select the equipment records on the GIS map in the order in which they should appear in the route.

  3. In the Actions menu, select Create Route/Route WO. The selected equipment records are displayed in the Route list. A Sequence number is assigned to each equipment record in the order in which you selected the equipment.

    Sequence numbers are assigned based on the INCRLINO install parameter settings.

    To modify the order in which an equipment record appears in the route, place your cursor in the equipment record’s Sequence field on the Route list, and then edit the sequence number.

    To remove a piece of equipment from the route, select the piece of equipment, and then click Remove Equipment.

  4. Specify this information:

    Route - Specify a unique code identifying the route, and enter a description of the route in the adjacent field.

    Organization - Specify the organization to which the route belongs if you use multi-organization security.

    Click View GIS Map to view the current route map.

    If you are not going to create a work order and activity for the route, select Link GIS Map to WO on the View GIS Map pop-up to link the GIS map to all work orders for the route. Click Submit. Click Finish on the Create Route page.

  5. Click Next to create a work order and activity for the route.

    If PM Revision Control is On, Next is disabled because you cannot approve a route and, therefore, cannot create a work order for the route. Contact your system administrator for more information. Click Finish to save the route without creating a work order. The route is saved with a status of Unfinished.

    Equipment is automatically populated with the first piece of equipment within the route and Department, Location, Cost Code, and Assigned To are populated if available on the equipment record.

  6. Specify the information necessary to create the work order.

  7. Specify linear reference information.

    Linear Reference Details are only shown if the equipment record for which to create the work order is a linear equipment record.

  8. Specify the information necessary to add the first activity to the work order.

  9. Click Finish. The route, work order, and work order activity records are saved and the status of the route is set to Approved.