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Search for GIS features with no corresponding defined HxGN EAM equipment records, view a list of discrepancies, and create corresponding equipment records for the existing features.

  1. Open an existing map, and then click HxGN EAM Synchronize Records.

  2. Specify this information:

    Layer - Select the layer for which to view features without corresponding equipment records.

  3. Select Consider only features selected on the map to only compare features that are selected on the map.

  4. Click View Discrepancies.

  5. Select the features for which you want to create corresponding equipment records.

    All of the features are automatically selected. Remove individual features from the list by clearing the line.

  6. Click Create Equipment. Corresponding equipment records are created within HxGN EAM.

    Result and Creation Date/Time are automatically populated, and all features are unselected for which corresponding equipment records were created.

    • If the corresponding equipment record cannot be created for a selected feature, the reason is displayed in Result. The feature remains selected.

    • You must have insert privileges in HxGN EAM to create an equipment record. Contact your system administrator for more information.

    • The feature’s existing GISOBJID number is assigned to the equipment record. If the feature does not have a GISOBJID number, one is automatically generated. The equipment record’s Layer, Location X, and Location Y are automatically populated. If the feature is not a point feature, Location X and Location Y are automatically populated for its corresponding equipment record based on the center of the feature.