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Schedule work order activities according to geographic location. To schedule a work order activity, first create the work order activity, and then schedule it. Search for equipment for which there are open work orders, and then schedule labor based on location for convenience.

The Work Order Activities list displays a separate record for every work order, activity, and schedule combination. The system displays work orders without activities in the grid, but each work order must have an activity in order to schedule it.

  1. Perform a GIS Map Search.

  2. Select the work order to schedule.

  3. Use the Actions menu to select Schedule WOs, and then click Submit.

  4. Specify the From Point and To Point on the linear equipment record for which to display work order activities.

    The system only displays From Point and To Point if the equipment record for which you are viewing work orders is a linear equipment record.

  5. Select the work order activity for which to schedule. The information for the work order activity is shown in the Labor Details section.

  6. Click Add Schedule.

    The system automatically populates WO-Activity-Trade with the work order, activity, and trade for the selected work order activity. Scheduled Date is also populated with the scheduled start date of the work order activity, Act. Est. Hours with the number of hours planned for the work order activity, Act. Sched. Hours with the number of hours scheduled for the work order activity, and Act. Actual Hours with the total hours booked to date for the work order activity.

  7. Specify this information:

    Employee - Specify the employee who will complete the work order activity.

    Scheduled Date - Specify the date for which to schedule to work order activity. You cannot schedule work for any date earlier than today's date.

    Scheduled Hours - Specify the estimated number of hours to complete the work. The number of hours must be between 0 and 24.

    Start Time and End Time - Specify the scheduled start time and end time of the work order activity.

    Shift - Specify the shift responsible for completing the work order activity.

    Department - Specify the department responsible for completing the work order activity.

    Maintenance Equipment - Specify equipment on which to perform maintenance during the work order activity.

    Comment - Specify comments about the work order activity.

  8. Click Submit.

    You may delete an existing labor schedule that is scheduled for the current date or later if you have made an error entering the data and if you have access rights for deleting the labor schedule. You may only delete labor schedules that have not been frozen or completed.