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View the GIS map for the work order and associate the map with the work order.

  1. Open the Work Orders form.

  2. Select the work order for which to view a GIS map, and then click the Record View tab.

  3. Right-click, and then select View GIS Map.

    The equipment for the work order is automatically highlighted on the map.

    From Point and To Point are now shown in the View GIS Map pop-up window if the work order is for a route or if the equipment record for the work order is not a linear equipment record.

    The portion of linear equipment records on which to work are highlighted as defined by the From Point and To Point of the work order. Edit the work order’s From Point and To Point via the map.

  4. Select Associate GIS Map With WO to associate the current GIS map with the work order.

    A copy of the current map is saved as a PDF with the work order, and is flagged to print whenever the work order is printed, and is shown on the Document tab of the Work Order form.

    You can edit the view of the map, e.g., zoom in, using the map toolbar.

  5. Click Submit.