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View GIS maps for equipment records, routes, and work orders within HxGN EAM.

After creating a new GIS map, view it within EAM. View multiple maps for one EAM user.

You cannot view a GIS map for any EAM equipment record that does not contain a GIS ID number. Likewise, you cannot view a GIS map for a route or work order that does not contain at least one equipment record with a GIS ID number.

If you are viewing a GIS map that contains a linear equipment record, see the following information:

  • If there is a discrepancy between the length of a corresponding equipment record and feature, the equipment record is highlighted based on the length of Esri’s GIS feature.

  • If the linear equipment record has multiple paths, e.g., a road that forks in multiple directions, all paths of the equipment are highlighted based on the length defined on the equipment or work order’s From Point and To Point.