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A GIS Filter, similar to a Dataspy, is a named, predefined search based on GIS attributes accessed on the GIS Map Search form. Create GIS Filters that are specific to individual layers.

A GIS Filter allows you to apply a second level of conditional filters to your map search: filter for equipment records using the Dataspy, and then filter for specific GIS attributes using the GIS Filter.

To copy the values from an existing GIS Filter into a new GIS Filter, select the existing filter in the text box, and then click Copy. Edit the GIS Filter criteria as necessary.

If you define a GIS Filter for which the system returns no data, the probable cause is that the column headers within Esri do not contain all uppercase letters.

  1. Click Edit.

  2. Click New.

  3. Specify a title for the GIS Filter in the text box.

  4. Edit the GIS Filter criteria as necessary. Edit GIS Filter criteria in the same manner that you edit Dataspy criteria.

    • Click Cancel New to cancel the creation of a new GIS Filter and return to the previous view.

    • Select Default Dataspy to save the selected GIS Filter as the default filter for the active layer specified on the GIS Map Search form. You can have one default filter for each of your active layers.

  5. Click Save. The GIS Filter is applied to the GIS map search.