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Perform a GIS map search to locate equipment according to address or equipment type, such as asset, position, or system.

Map layers are searched. A layer contains a set of thematic data, such as streets, hydrants, or pipes. A GIS map contains multiple layers, which create overlays of geographical information.

In EAM GIS maps are searched based on active and buffer layers. The active layer is the layer in which a search originates. If your search involves multiple layers, the buffer layer is the layer in which the equipment for which you are searching resides, e.g., your GIS map contains a Pipe layer and a Hydrant layer. You want to locate a fire hydrant based on the location of a specific pipe. Select the Pipe layer as your active layer and the Hydrant layer as your buffer layer. The pipe in the Pipe layer is searched and fire hydrants found within the Hydrant layer are returned.

See the following image:

Once you have performed a map search, use the GIS Map Search toolbar to modify the map view.

If you use geocoding services, address searches are performed based on the service as defined in installation parameter GISGEOSV. Contact your system administrator for more information.

The screen display and functionality endpoint depend upon your GISSERV and GISGEOSV installation parameters. GISSERV must contain a REST URL for the map service and GISGEOSV must be set to the geocoding service REST endpoint to experience the full features of this screen which include:

  • By default, the startup view for this screen is set to Record View and the map is loaded on the full screen.

  • The GIS Attributes pop-up window is displayed as you navigate to the equipment List View screen.

  • The new map screen features a floating pop-up window which displays the GIS Attributes and the Action button is now located at the bottom of the pop-up.

  • The Action button is also accessible:

    • as a right-click option on the equipment grid and work order grids

    • on the List View page near the Export To Excel and Save Layout icons.