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For every GIS feature within Esri that you want to integrate with HxGN EAM, define a corresponding HxGN EAM equipment record.

With the ArcGIS Pro add-in, equipment is created through the synchronize records option only.

Depending on your system configuration, an equipment record is automatically created in HxGN EAM as soon as you save a new feature, and then the Create HxGN EAM Equipment pop-up window is shown to notify you of the transaction. Contact your system administrator for more information.

  1. Open an existing map.

  2. Select the GIS feature(s) for which to define equipment records, and then click HxGN EAM Create Equipment. Esri connects to HxGN EAM, and then:

    1. Verifies that you are authorized to define equipment within the organization you specified on the profile

    2. Creates the equipment record in HxGN EAM

    3. Shows success and error messages in the Result pop-up window

    4. Defines an HxGN EAM equipment record for each GIS feature with a success message.

  3. Click Close.

  4. Optionally, to save this data, right-click, and then select Save As. Select the file in which to save the data, and then click Save. The data in the file is saved, e.g., if you receive error messages because the corresponding HxGN EAM equipment records are not successfully defined for the GIS features, save the data.

    Use the saved list of data to identify those GIS features for which you still need to create equipment records. Correct the error identified in the Result column, and then complete the process to define equipment records within Esri again.