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Create a work order with multiple pieces of equipment displayed in the equipment grid via the Work Orders form.

  1. Perform a GIS Map Search.

  2. Select the equipment records for which to create a work order.

  3. Use the Actions menu to select Create WO, and then click Submit.

  4. Specify the information necessary to create the work order.

    • The first piece of equipment selected displays on the Record View of the Work Orders form; all equipment displays on the Equipment page of the Work Orders form.

    • Department Security is enforced on this form. User must have more than read-only access for the department.

    • This functionality is not affected by ROUTEEOB installation parameter.

    • Additional equipment may be added to the work order once the popup is open; however, the attached map will not reflect the equipment change.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. Click Yes to associate the map with the work order. The system creates a PDF file of the currently displayed map and attaches the PDF to the work order as a linked document.

  7. Specify additional information on each page of the Work Orders form as necessary, and then click Close.