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View the GIS map for a piece of equipment and configure the system to link the GIS map to work orders as they are released.

  1. Open the Assets, Positions, Systems, or Routes form.

  2. Select the asset, position, system, or route for which to view a GIS map, and then click the Record View tab.

  3. Right-click, and then select View GIS Map.

    The length of linear equipment records are highlighted as defined by the From Point and To Point and the boundary points of the equipment record are labeled.

  4. Specify this information:

    Map - Specify the GIS map for which to view.

    Link GIS Map To WO - Select to link the GIS map to work orders containing the selected asset, position, system, or route as the work orders are released.

    When the work order is released, the map is linked to the work order as a PDF, is flagged to print whenever the work order is printed, and is shown on the Documents tab of the Work Order form.

    You can edit the view of the map, such as zoom in, using the map toolbar in the pop-up window.

  5. Click Submit.

    The current map settings and visible layers are saved, e.g., if you edit the zoom extent of the map and click Submit, the map is opened to that zoom extent the next time you view the map.

    Map will be saved if GISMAPS is set to Organization or Department.