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After the previous steps are complete, users are ready to begin using the EAM Transit Mobile Application. The following are the basic steps to perform an initial synchronization to the device.

See the HxGN EAM Mobile for Transit Map View GIS Features functional brief.

  1. When launching the EAM Transit Mobile Application, the user will be presented with a login screen. This login screen expects your EAM specific credentials. Note: Use the Setup button prior to entering credentials and logging in to establish a connection to the EAM server.

  2. After logging in using your EAM credentials and saving Sync Config changes for HxGN EAM data to be downloaded to the device, the user will be prompted to enter the mobile user’s portal credentials. These credentials are not entered to determine access to the feature or basemap services, rather, they are only used to verify that the user has a valid license for mobile SDK use.

  3. After the mobile SDK license is validated, the Map Configurations screen is displayed and will show a record (in a panel list style) for each map the user has available to them. Each map record shows some basic information about the map. The user can make certain changes to the map prior to continuing the initial synchronization process.

  4. Prior to displaying a map inside Mobile Transit, the app will ensure it has signed into all services required to use the map.

    A maximum of 3 sets of credentials can exist for a map:

    1. portal

    2. feature service

    3. map service

      Portal credentials, at a minimum, will always have to be supplied. This is true even if unsecured services are being consumed. Once portal credentials are verified, the app will attempt to use those same credentials for the feature server and the basemap server if they are secured. If those credentials don’t work for the feature and/or basemap server, the app will prompt for credentials to one or both services based on what is still required to gain access. The user should not be prompted again for credentials unless they are no longer valid, the app is deleted and reinstalled, or the credentials are cleared on the Map Configurations screen.

      Prior to prompting for GIS credentials, the device will check to see if these credentials are entered on the EAM user associated to the mobile user (i.e. via ESRI GIS Server Username and ESRI GIS Server Password – both values are encrypted in DB). If they are available on the EAM user AND an internet connection exists, the device will retrieve these credentials and pass them to the GIS server. ELSE, the user will be prompted to enter the necessary credentials. Once the credentials are validated a token is generated and will be used for subsequent logins. If a valid token is available on the device or the device has access to the GIS credentials stored with the user on the EAM server, the mobile user will NOT be prompted to enter credentials.