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Specify the Levels of Detail for the tiled basemap, defined by the MOBGBURL parameter, to be downloaded to the mobile device. This value should be entered as a range. System assumes 13-16 if this parameter is left blank or is not formatted correctly.

This represents how far users can zoom in and out of the basemap. The range specified here must be available for download by the basemap map server. You can check the map server to determine what levels of detail are available to download by going to the REST endpoint of the Map Server (specified in MOBGBURL) and checking under the Tile Info < Levels of Detail section. The value of this parameter is not displayed on the mobile device and therefore cannot be updated on the device.

  • If the parameter value is blank or invalid the system will attempt to download Levels of Details 13-16.

    The parameter value is considered valid if both of the following are TRUE:

    • Two, positive integers are separated by a dash (-).

    • First integer must be less than (<) the second integer. First integer can be zero (0).

      Assuming the parameter value is valid (see definition above), the device will attempt to download any of the MOBGBLOD Levels of Details that are defined on the basemap service. If none of the MOBGBLOD Levels of Detail are found on the basemap service or the parameter is blank/invalid, the device will attempt to download Levels of Details 13-16 (default values). If the default levels (13-16) are also not available on the basemap service, then an error will occur and the map will NOT be downloaded.

  • If the system finds some, but not all, Levels of Detail (based on rules above when MOBGBLOD range or 13-16 are used) the basemap will be downloaded, but a warning will be displayed indicating all levels could not be downloaded.

  • When using a map in online mode, the levels of detail defined in this parameter are not used. Instead, the app will allow access to the most detail defined by basemap.