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The EAM Mobile Transit app requires a basemap service to provide a background map for Feature data to be presented on top of. Administrators have two options available when determining how best to provide this background map to their users:

  • Create and host their own custom basemap service

  • Use an ArcGIS hosted basemap service

Generally, it is recommended to use one of the ArcGIS hosted basemap service. These services provide great context for your feature data, work well with the EAM Mobile Transit app, and are readily available. These services are considered ‘Premium Content’ by ESRI and their use in EAM Mobile Transit does consume credits.

  • Whenever ESRI basemaps are used, attribution such as "Powered by ESRI" will appear on the map.

  • The basemap service MUST have the tiled mapping capability enabled and ability to export the tile cache, even if using the map in online mode only is planned.

  • Vector and raster basemaps are now supported seamlessly within the mobile transit app i.e. requires no additional setup or configuration.