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  1. Open ArcMap.

  2. Select File < Share As < ArcGIS Runtime Content.

  3. On the Output Folder tab - specify the folder where in which to save the offline content.

  4. On the Feature and Tabular Data tab - select Do not include feature and tabular data.

  5. On the Basemap tab - select Do not include basemap data.

  6. On the Network Data tab - select Do not include network data.

  7. On the Locator tab - select the locator to share.

  8. Analyze and Share it. Four files will be generated in the Output Folder specified. Copy all these files and paste them to the webserver of your choice i.e. Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), Apache HTTP Server. All 4 files must be in the same location.

    1. If IIS is used:

      1. All 4 files may need to be copied to c:\inetpub\wwwroot. The path c:\inetpub\wwwroot is related to IIS installation. The IIS services needs to be started so, system can access following URL to download the 4 files on the device.

        The URL for the location of the .loc file must be entered for EAM install parameter MOBGEOFL.

        Example: https://<servername>/Site_Addresses_Near_GVL_Infor.loc

      2. Make sure the .loc, .xml, .locb, and .locx file name extensions are added as application/octet-stream MimeTypes. Refer to the User Interface section on following URL to add MIME Types in IIS: