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HxGN EAM Mobile for Transit Configuring GIS Map View

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Configuring the HxGN EAM Mobile for Transit application, specifically the Map View screen requires administrators to prepare their ArcGIS environment. The map and its related data (i.e. geodatabase) can be downloaded to the device or it can be used in fully connected (i.e. online) mode. This decision is made on the mobile device itself and does NOT impact how the feature or basemap service is created.

There are four (4) basic components to be considered during setup:

  • Feature service (Feature Server)

  • Basemap service (Map Server)

  • Geocoding service

  • EAM server install parameter configuration

Additionally, this document covers the following topics:

  • Recommended environment/security configurations

  • QA/QC process

Once these component setup steps have been completed you should be ready to perform a mobile sync to view your map/basemap on the device. Of course, some additional configuration may be necessary to get EAM equipment and work orders to sync to the device.

  • This document was prepared for HxGN EAM Mobile for Transit. For details on the GIS version supported, see the version-specific HxGN EAM™ Product Family Hardware and Software Recommendations Guide.

  • No functional capabilities for the Mobile Transit app are addressed in this document at this time. See the HxGN EAM Mobile for Transit Map View Features functional brief.

  • For GIS configuration and capabilities delivered with the EAM desktop application, see the HxGN EAM Configuration Guide for GIS.

  • A GIS administrator will be needed for most of these steps.

  • It is assumed that customers will host their feature server data in their own portal, versus using ArcGIS Online. Additionally, we assume the customer will make use of an ESRI basemap by adding it to their portal versus creating their own custom basemap. Therefore, this paper primarily addresses this scenario.

  • The mobile user will need to have at least ‘Query’ permissions for the BCBGIS (Mobile GIS) & BEUSRM (User Map) functions on the Interface Permissions tab for User Groups screen in HxGN EAM to configure their mobile maps and have access to the Map View screen on the mobile device. Query permissions to BEUSRM determines if the user’s maps are displayed on the Map Configuration screen. If GIS maps will not be used by the mobile user, then simply revoke all permissions to BCBGIS on the Interface Permissions tab for User Groups.