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Before you configure NOI and ROI forms, you must define the form by creating a new UID.

To define a form and create a new UID:

  1. Open the WQMS-Admin Excel file and click Form sheet.

  2. In SPFForm section, edit the following properties to create a new UID:

    • UID - Type a unique identifier for the form in the UID syntax.

      For example, FRM_WQMSNOI_MATERV_Piping_Form.

      You must provide this UID in WQMS-Modules Excel sheet > InspectionDef sheet > WQMSInspectionDef section > WQMSNOIFormUID column.

    • Name - Type a name for the form.

    • Description - Provide a short description of the form.

    • ContainerID - Defines the package or .xml file that contains the object.

    • Solution(s) - Type * to load the data to SPF database, or type Deleted to avoid loading the data to SPF database.