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After creating a column set in WQMS-Admin Excel file, you can update the UID of that Column set in this sheet.

  1. Open the WQMS-Modules Excel file.

  2. Navigate to ModuleSpecificProperties sheet and modify the following properties:

    • UID - Type a unique identifier for the module in UID syntax (for example, Update_Name of the module).

    • Name - Enter the same name given for the UID.

    • RefClass - Specify the section name to which this module belongs to.

    • RefUID - Provide the reference UID for the module.

    • PropValues - Prop values is a formula to set class, column set, so forth to the concerned interface.

    • AddedInterfaces - Specify the interface to which the updated properties belong to.

    • Solution(s) - Type * to load the data to SPF database, or type Deleted to avoid loading the data to SPF database.

    • Class - Specify the name of the class to which the column items of that particular module belongs to.

    • Column Set - Specify the UID of the column set. To create a new column set, refer to Create or modify column set.

    • Page Size - Specify the number of records to display in the view.

    • RelDef - If there are any relationship definition, specify the UID in this column. To create a new UID, refer to WQMS-Schema Excel sheet.

    • WQMSCustomReportDef - This column is used for report customization.

    • Discipline - Specify the discipline to which the module belongs to. If the module does not belong to any specific discipline, leave this field empty.

  3. Save the file.