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  1. Open WQMS-Admin Excel file.

  2. Navigate to ColumnSet sheet > SPFColumnSet section and edit the following properties:

    • UID - Type a unique identifier for the column set in the UID syntax.

    • Name - Type a name for the column set.

    • Description - Provide a short description to explain the purpose of the column set.

    • WQMSGridDataLoadExtraObjects - Specify the UID for LoadMappingDef. To create a UID, refer to Create or modify additional objects while loading data from Excel.

    • WQMSDefaultSearchCriteriaOnModule - This property defines the criteria for search in the WQMS UI.

    • WQMSAutoCalculateObjects - This property specifies the auto calculation method for the column set. For more details about how to edit auto calculations properties, refer to Calculate column-item values with specific conditions.

    • WQMSCalculateSecENSSequence - This is the secondary ENS sequence. Any secondary ENS which is defined on a property must be assigned here to invoke the ENS criteria.

    • WQMSQueryCriteria - This property defines the criteria to query data and display in the reports. Use this property only while generating reports.

    • ContainerID - Defines the package or .xml file that contains the object.

    • Solution(s) - Type * to load the data to SPF database, or type Deleted to avoid loading the data to SPF database.

  3. Save the file.

  4. Open WQMS-Modules Excel file.

  5. Navigate to ModuleSpecificProperties sheet > UpdateInstruction section.

  6. In the Column Set, provide the UID that you created or modified in WQMS-Admin Excel file against the relevant module RefUID.

  7. Save the file.

  • To create or modify column sets for Reference Data submodules, use WQMS_ReferenceData_Admin Excel file instead of WQMS-Admin Excel file.

  • All column items related to a column set must belong to a unique ClassDef.