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  1. Open the WQMS-Modules Excel file.

  2. Navigate to WQMS Modules sheet > WQMSInstallationModule section, modify the following properties:

    • UID - Type a unique identifier for the module in the UID syntax.

    • Name - Type a name for the module.

    • Description - Provide a short description for the module.

    • WQMSModuleName - Provide a name for the module to display in the UI.

    • WQMSModuleDisplayDescription - Provide the tool tip to describe the module.

    • WQMSModuleImage - Specify the icon name for the module. You can use only the existing icons within the module.

    • WQMSModuleViewClass - Displays the view (column-set and column-items) for a module or submodule.

    • WQMSMandatorydependies - Specify the dependent properties that are mandatory and related to the module.

      For example, WQMSWeld_FUP_InspDate~WQMSWeld_FUP_RNumber|WQMSWeld_FUP_RNumber~WQMSWeld_FUP_InspDate. If you specify FUP inspection date (FUP_InspDate), you must also specify FUP report number (FUP_RNumber).

    • WQMSEnableRowForEdit - Specify the conditions required to enable or disable a row in the grid for editing.

    • WQMSHonourExcelValidations - Type TRUE, if you want to validate the data loaded through Excel with date dependencies present in Weld Quality Management System.

    • WQMSAsgnWelders(Excel_loading) - Type TRUE, if you want to assign welders while loading data through Excel.

    • WQMSOverrideWeldersWhileLoading - Type TRUE, if you want to update the welder on weld while loading data through Excel.

    • WQMSAllowWeldCreationthroughExcel - Type TRUE, if you want to allow the weld creation while loading data through Excel.

    • WQMSWeldRepairEntries - Specify the type of repair required. Type FALSE, if you do not require a repair.

    • WQMSHonourReadOnlyWhileLoading - Specifies whether to update freezed properties in the UI when there is a change in the data.

    • WQMSInspItemPropsForRepair - Specify the properties to view when the user clicks Repair.

    • Solution(s) - Type * to load the data to SPF database, or type Deleted to avoid loading the data to SPF database.

    • ContainerID - Defines the package or .xml file that contains the object.

  3. Save the file.