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In this section, you can specify the UIDs created in Report Definition sheet, to determine NOI and ROI for each inspection module.

To specify the UIDs for NOI and ROI reports:

  1. Open WQMS-Reports Excel file.

  2. In ReportDef To InspectionDef sheet, edit the following properties to specify UIDs for NOI and ROI:

    • UID - Specify the module name in the UID syntax.
      For example, Update_WQMSInspDef_Structural_MaterialVerification. This is the UID for Material Verification inspection module.

    • Name - Enter the same name provided for UID.

    • RefClass - Specify the module class definition.

    • RefUID - Specify the UID from the Modules InspectionDef sheet in the WQMS-Modules Excel.

    • PropValues - Copy the formula from the above row.

    • Solution(s) - Type * to load the data to SPF database, or type Deleted to avoid loading the data to SPF database.

    • ContainerID - Defines the package or .xml file that contains the object.

    • INSPECTIONDEF INTERFACE - Specify the default value as IWQMSInspectionDef.

    • INSPECTIONDEF NOI REPORTDEF - Specify the report definition UIDs for NOI from WQMSReportDef section in ReportDefinitions sheet.

    • INSPECTIONDEF ROI REPORTDEF - Specify the report definition UIDs for ROI from WQMSReportDef section in ReportDefinitions sheet.