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Intergraph Smart WQMS
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Administration & Configuration
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To configure and generate reports in Weld Quality Management System, you must:

  • Define the module and submodules relationship in WQMS-Modules Excel > WQMS Reports sheet > WQMSReportsModule section for which you want to create reports.

  • Define column-set, column-item and filters in WQMS-Modules Excel > ModuleSpecificProperties sheet > UpdateInstructions section for which you want to view in the reports.

  • Create a Report Definition to define which reports must appear for which module.

  • Configure Column set and Column item properties that must appear in the report template using WQMS_Reports_Admin Excel file.

  • Modify column-set and column-items in WQMS-Admin Excel file.

  • Configure module properties in WQMS-Schema Excel file.