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All Smart APIs share certain features, for example:

  • Security - authorization is required. Clients must include an access token with every request to a Smart API.

  • OData+ - resources that follow well-established protocols for managing data created with Hexagon PPM products.

    Smart APIs implement OData+ resources based on requirements. That is, you may not find a Files endpoint for every Smart API, but if you do, it operates in a consistent, reliable fashion because it follows a published protocol.

  • Smart API Explorer - used to explore available resources, data structures, input parameters, response formats and more. See Explore a Smart API for details.

The following topics describe some of these common features for Smart APIs.

To demonstrate OData+ resources, some topics refer to the following SampleService Smart API:

This Smart API is secured by the following instance of Smart API Manager:

The SampleService Smart API is registered with this instance of Smart API Manager and is thus secured with OAuth 2.0, meaning you must have an access token when requesting its resources. See the following two sections for details.