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SHARED Tip Registering a Smart API using Smart API Manager is not common. Typically, Smart APIs are registered following installation using a configuration tool provided with the Smart API.

  1. Make sure that the Smart API is deployed and running.

  2. On the left panel, click Smart APIs .

  3. Click New Smart API .

  4. In the Register a Smart API dialog box, select one of the two available options:

    • Specify the URL for the Smart API service description - enter the URL for the Smart API service description. Typically, the URL follows the pattern http://[ServiceRoot]/description.

    • Specify the JSON content for the Smart API service description - enter the JSON content constituting a service description for the Smart API.

  5. Click NEXT.

  6. Enter or paste the URL or JSON content, then click NEXT.

    Smart API Manager validates the service description and generates a secret for the Smart API.

    If you want to change the generated secret, click the value and type a new one.

    SHARED Tip You can also change the secret later using the Details page for the Smart API.

  7. Click NEXT.

    The dialog box displays a snippet of the Smart API web.config file that must be updated.

  8. Click FINISH. The details page for the new Smart API appears.

  9. You must authorize a group to use the Smart API. For more information, see Give a group access to a Smart API.

    SHARED Tip For users to access the Smart API using a Smart Client, they must belong to a group authorized to access the Smart API.