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Giving a group access to a Smart API is a two-part process:

  • Granting the group access to the Smart API.

  • Selecting any required claim values.

What are claims?

A claim is a set of information, a key-value pair, that a Smart API can use to control things such as:

  • What objects and information a member of the group can access.

  • What a member of the group can do with the accessible objects and information.

Claims are passed to the Smart API whenever a member of the group uses the Smart API, typically when using a Smart Client that is registered with Smart API Manager.

For more information about claims, access tokens, and the authorization and authentication processes that use them, see Smart API Developer Documentation.

  1. On the left panel, click Groups .

  2. Click the group in the grid to see its details.

  3. In the Smart API Access section, click and click Add Smart API.

  4. In the Add Smart API Access dialog box, click Select a Smart API and select the Smart API.

    SHARED Tip To narrow the list, type all or part of the Smart API name in the Select a Smart API box.

  5. Click NEXT. The dialog box automatically lists required claims, which are claims that a group must include when requesting access to the Smart API.

  6. To add a claim, click Add a claim, select the claim, and click ADD.

    SHARED Tip You can add optional claims or additional instances of a non-unique claim.

  7. In the row for each claim, click Values or Provide a value (depending on the claim type) and select or type a value. At minimum, you must set a value for all required claims.

  8. Click NEXT.

  9. Click the Enable Authorized Group checkbox to toggle access for the group.

  10. Click NEXT and then FINISH.