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Smart APIs are RESTful web APIs developed by Hexagon PPM. These APIs typically provide access to data associated with software applications like SmartPlant Foundation or Smart 3D.

How level of access to a Smart API is determined

Smart API Manager uses groups to manage and control user access to a Smart API.

  • If a specific user needs to call a Smart API, that user—or an external identity representing the user—must belong to a group that is authorized to access the Smart API.

  • The claim values for a group can provide more granular control, depending on the particular Smart API and the claims it provides. For example, a Smart API might provide a claim to control whether users in a group are allowed to write data using the API or have read-only access.

    Claims are provided by the Smart APIs, and you should consult the specific Smart API Help for assistance in setting appropriate claim values.

Smart API setup

There are two tasks to initially set up Smart APIs:

  1. Register a new Smart API

    Typically, Smart APIs are registered immediately after their installation using a configuration tool provided with the Smart API installation. However, if necessary, you can register the Smart API in Smart API Manager.

  2. Give a group access to a Smart API

Smart API administration

After a Smart API is registered, administration tasks help you meet the ongoing access and security needs of your company.

If you do not know which Smart API you need to modify, start with Find a Smart API.