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12 (2018)


It is the string specifying the name of the second shield to use. The shield name is required for the shield to be drawn. For more information on shield shape details, see Shield Shape.


Specifies the quantity of shields. Shields are not shown when Multi10Qty is set to zero.


Specifies the location of the shields. Individual shields can be located in two ways.

1 - Relative to Center of the group
2 - Relative to Edge.

The exact meaning depends on the quantity of shields. This value can be 0 (nothing), 1 (center), or 2 (Edge).


Specifies the distance for exact location of the shields depending on Multi10LocateBy and Multi10Qty. This value can be either a distance to the edge, or a center-to-center spacing. For more information on multi position details, see Multi Position.


Offsets the shield(s) along with the sloped pipes.


Specifies the length of the shoe Shield2 which overrides the Shield2 Shape Length1, Length 2, and Length 3 properties.