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You can use I-View CAD out-of-the-box to create a useful model of a piping system without specifying any of the available configuration or external data options. However, before generating a model for the first time you must at a minimum set the output options for the 3D model file output format.

The software supports three model formats: AutoCAD, MicroStation, and Smart Review. The model format that you select determines the type of files that the software creates during model generation. For example, AutoCAD produces DWG output, and MicroStation produces DGN output. Smart Review produces the same DGN output as MicroStation, as well as the DRI and DRV files.

Common tasks

The recommended workflow for using I-View CAD is outlined below.

  1. Configure model output options, such as the type of model to output or whether to use a configuration file.

    Defining these options is only required the first time that you use the software. The settings definition is saved in your user profile, so the software remembers them from one session to the next.

  2. Select piping input files.

  3. Specify the number of output files the software is to generate: a single file or multiple files.

  4. Generate the model file.

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