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Smart Isometrics I-View CAD Help

Intergraph Smart Isometrics I-View CAD

Controls the version of the DGN file that I-View CAD generates.

  • The settings on the MicroStation tab also apply to Smar Review.

  • I-View CAD requires that at least one version of MicroStation is installed on the computer to generate DGN files.

Path to MicroStation executable

Displays the paths for each version of MicroStation that is currently installed on the computer. Select the version to use for model generation.

Seed file

Identifies the template design file into which I-View CAD writes the converted data upon model generation. Specify the full path location and file name of the appropriate seed file for the version of MicroStation used.

Two sample seed files are delivered with the software. Alternatively, you can specify a user-defined seed file.

  • Seed3d.dgn produces DGN output compatible with

    • MicroStation 95

    • MicroStation SE (v5)

    • MicroStation Powerdraft (v7)

    • MicroStation J (v7)

  • Seed3d8.dgn produces DGN output compatible with:

    • MicroStation Powerdraft v8

    • MicroStation v8 and later