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Smart Isometrics I-View CAD Help

Intergraph Smart Isometrics I-View CAD

Controls the version of the AutoCAD DWG file that I-View CAD generates, whether centerlines are drawn for pipe and components, and the units that the software uses for the file.

Output File Version

Specifies the AutoCAD file version.

  • AutoCAD R14 produces DWG output compatible with R14 only

  • AutoCAD 2000 produces DWG output compatible with:

    • AutoCAD 2000 and LT

    • AutoCAD 2002 and LT

    • AutoCAD 2004

    • AutoCAD 2006

Draw Centrelines

Controls the output of center (construction) lines in the DWG output. To output centerlines, select the checkbox (1). Clear the checkbox to suppress the output of centerlines (2).

Drawing Units

Sets the drawing units in the DWG output. This setting only applies to DWG output. Available values are mm (millimeters), m (meters), ft (feet), or in (inches).

Drawing unit settings do not affect any values that are set in the attribute data.