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Enables you to create or supplement IDF and PCF attributes with data from an external source.

I-View CAD works internally with the POD files that it generates from the input IDFs and PCFs. As I-View CAD constructs these internal POD files, the software collects the available attribute data to include in the output. Because there may be a multitude of attributes defined in the input files, you can use the options on the Attributes tab to control which attributes display in the model output.

Use project specific attribute definitions

Controls the use of I-Configure custom attributes. If you select this option, you must also use Project Pipeline File (XML) to specify a configuration file.

Project Pipeline (XML)

Specifies an XML configuration file to use for attribute mapping. This option is available only when you select Use project specific attribute definitions.

Pipeline Attributes

Controls the creation of pipeline placeholders in the model output. A pipeline placeholder is a marker graphic to which the pipeline attributes are attached. Pipeline placeholder graphics consists of a line and a cone placed at the start of a pipeline. The following examples show the pipeline placeholder for solid (1) and symbolic (2) output.

  • No pipeline attributes suppresses the creation of all pipeline attributes in the model output. Only component attributes are added to the output.

  • Use pipeline placeholders adds one pipeline placeholder graphic for each pipeline in the model.

  • Add pipeline attributes to components adds pipeline attributes to each component.

Attribute Creation

Determines how the software integrates the attribute information contained in the specified Project Pipeline (XML) file into the model. Select one of the following options:

  • Create all generates a full set of attributes. Includes all attributes in the specified attribute mapping file, regardless of whether the attribute has an assigned value.

  • Create attributes with values restricts the generated output to include only those attributes that have an assigned value. The attribute value can be supplied from the input file or from a default value included in the specified file definition (SystemPOD.xml or ProjectPipeline.xml).

  • Attributes in input file only restricts the generated output further to include only those attributes for which a value is assigned in the input IDF or PCF. Selecting this option has no effect when you load POD files created from another product (such as Spoolgen) into I-View CAD. Only the attributes in the original POD files are processed to the output that I-View CAD produces.

You can control POD attributes using configuration files, such as the following:

  • SystemPOD.xml defines the standard set of attributes.

  • ProjectPipeline.xml defines attributes specific to the project and supplements the data found in SystemPipeline.xml for individual projects.

Use external data source

Controls whether the software extracts attribute data from an ODBC compliant data source, such as a spreadsheet or database, to supplement the existing data in the input files. For more information, see Working with External Data in the Smart Isometrics User's Guide.

Configuration File (XML)

Specifies the configuration .xml file that the software uses to first locate the data in the external data source, and then map that data to the attributes configured in the specified Project Pipeline (attribute mapping) .xml file.