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Intergraph Smart Isometrics I-View CAD

If you have a multitude of attributes, the Attribute Creation options allow you some control over which attributes display in the generated model output. To use custom attributes, follow the steps below when you configure model output options (see Common Tasks).

  1. Select the Attributes tab on the Options panel.

  2. Under Project Attributes, select Use project specific attribute definitions.

  3. Click Browse next to the Project Pipeline File (XML) box.

    The Open Project Pipeline (Attribute Mapping) File dialog box displays.

  4. Navigate to the project folder for the active project, select ProjectPipeline.xml, and then click Open.

    The software displays the full path location and name of the selected file in the Project Pipeline File (XML) box.

  5. Under Attribute Creation, select one of the following options to specify how the attribute information is to be integrated into the model: Create all, Create attributes with values, or Attributes in input file only. For more information, see Attributes tab.

  6. Continue setting output options as needed.

  7. When you are finished setting options, Generate the output model.