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You can configure I-View CAD to extract attribute data from a spreadsheet or databases to supplement the existing data in the piping input data files. To use a external data during model generation, follow the steps below when you configure model output options (see Common Tasks).

  1. Select the Attributes tab on the Options panel.

  2. Select Use external data source, and then click Browse .

    The Open External Data Definition File dialog box displays.

  3. Navigate to the folder that contains the XML data definition file, select the appropriate file, and then click Open.

    The software displays the full path location and name of the selected file in the Configuration File (XML) box.

  4. Continue setting output options as needed.

  5. When you are finished setting output options, Generate the output model.

  • I-View CAD runs the Get External Data command during the output model generation process.

  • Using this option requires a .xml file that specifies the data source and how to map the attribute data to the pipeline and components.

  • Using external data requires that a Data Source Name (DSN) is configured for each data source used. For example, you must configure two DSNs if you are using a database and a spreadsheet. For more information, see Working with External Data in the Smart Isometrics User's Guide.