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Smart Isometrics I-View CAD Help

Intergraph Smart Isometrics I-View CAD

Smart Isometrics I-View CAD enables you to generate a 3D CAD model from piping isometrics without requiring detailed knowledge for using AutoCAD or MicroStation. With I-View CAD, you can convert the Isogen Data File (IDF) or Piping Component File (PCF) output from any Isogen-enabled 3D plant design system to create a scaled 3D model in AutoCAD or MicroStation format, complete with tag data or component information. Optionally, you can use I-View CAD to create supporting data files that are compatible with Intergraph Smart Review and NavisWorks' JetStream products. I-View CAD can also process Piping Object Data (POD) files produced by Smart Isometrics.

You can batch process selected piping files and save the group as a single 3D model, or you can convert and save each file individually. Total processing time depends on the number of files being converted, but typically takes a few seconds for each file.

I-View CAD supports two types of output: a solid model that can be rendered and a symbolic (centerline only) representation. For the symbolic output, the software uses Isogen-standard symbols to represent the components in the model. Combining symbolic output with an equipment model, you can easily create operations isometric models. Combining solid output with existing models for other disciplines (equipment, steelwork, civil) referenced in the solid piping model provides a comprehensive 3D view of a complete plant model.

You can configure I-View CAD output in multiple ways. For example, you can provide lookup tables for the outside diameter of pipe and the thickness of flanges. The colors that the software uses for some components can be user-specified. You can also supplement the attributes in the input IDFs or PCFs with a link to external data in databases or spreadsheets and include that data in the model output.

Using review software such as Smart Review or NavisWorks enables you to integrate data from a supported 3D design model with data that has been added in Intergraph Spoolgen (such as the content of spools) or modified in Smart Isometrics to reflect as-built changes. Using the PCFs produced by Spoolgen or Smart Isometrics, I-View CAD can then create Smart Review data sets and merge them with data from the design model, providing an up-to-date view of the plant condition at various stages of the plant life-cycle.

I-View CAD supports the following 3D design models: PDS, Smart 3D, PDMS, AutoPlant, and CADWorx.