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The Symbols section of the configuration file contains one or more SymbolFile elements. Each element specifies a path to an Isogen symbol definition file. In addition to any symbol definitions that you specify in the SymbolFile element, I-View CAD also uses the symbol definitions contained in its master symbols file. Typically, this master file is the symbols.asc file.

Basic syntax:

  • Unlike Isogen, which has a large number of built-in symbols, I-View CAD contains a small number of symbols to use for the basic component categories (Valve, Instrument, Support, and so on). Most of the symbols that I-View CAD uses are provided by the Symbols.asc symbols file, which is the standard Isogen symbol library file. A copy of the Symbols.asc file is delivered with the software in the <Product Folder>:\Samples\Symbols folder.

  • You can use the Symbols section to add custom symbols. The symbol definition for each user-defined symbol is added to the total set of supported symbols. The software looks up each custom symbol by SKEY. I-View CAD searches the symbol file in reverse order, processing the user-defined symbols first. The first symbol that matches is the symbol used.

  • Because of the current configuration logic, we recommend that you do not use wild card symbol definitions (for example, VB**).

  • A sample symbols file is delivered with the software in the <Product Folder>:\Samples\Symbols\Tutorial Symbols.asc folder.

  • To use configured SymbolFile elements, you must select Symbolic as the Model Type before generating the model output. For more information, see Drawing tab.