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Smart Isometrics I-View CAD Help

Intergraph Smart Isometrics I-View CAD

Loading <xxx> ... Using input file attributes only.

Meaning: Attribute creation mode not supported when loading PODs.

Recovery: Change creation setting to attributes in input file only, or use a PCF or IDF instead of a POD as input.

Symbol file <xxx> not found.

Meaning: The symbol file path name in the symbols section of the configuration file does not exist.

Recovery: Correct the path name specified in the Symbols section of the XML configuration file

Unable to load master symbol definitions.

Meaning: The symbol definitions file could not be found.

Recovery: Check the MasterSymbolsFile setting in I-VIEW CAD.exe.config. Ensure that the file exists. Usually, this message is caused by one of the following:

  • there is a problem with the install kit

  • the configuration file has been modified

  • the symbols.asc file has been deleted