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2020 (10.0)

Below the complete report S.50.R.11 is shown except the last page for the branch table.

Smart Reference Data is highly configurable. Because a predefined report can never be developed exactly matching these configurations, this report allows you to easily customize the content for most fields.

In order to allow this report to show specific specification header table details or commodity code details, procedures (CIP) in the custom package M_PCK_S50R11_custom are available.

This document cannot function as a development guide for CIPs. Attached is an example how the customization for this report works.

The above screen shot from the specification report shows the "RATING" (the area highlighted green is the fixed programmed part that comes from the report definition itself) and the "CL300, ASME …" (the area highlighted in yellow that comes from the database definition for the specification BP_10S01).

The custom package receives the spec header id from the report as an input parameter. The spec header id is the internal unique key for specifications.

Based on the spec_header_id, the function now can be programmed to find the valid value for "RATING" in the database.

The function has to search for the table "RATING_CLASS" in the database table "M_SPEC_HEADER_DETAILS." The function has to transfer to the report the short description of the detected table detail as the return value.

Example function:

FUNCTION GET_RATING (P_SPEC_HEADER_ID IN m_spec_header_details.spec_header_id%TYPE)

return varchar2


--daclaration of variables, using this the variable takes over the data type from the field, where it tetrieves later on the value from, This ensures the correct data type!

p_get_rating m_table_detail_nls.SHORT_DESC%type

-- PL/SQL Block


-- This select statement selects the short desc into the return variable

select tdn.short_desc into p_get_rating

from m_table_detail_nls tdn,

m_table_details td,

m_spec_headers sh,

m_spec_header_details shd,

m_dict_tabs dt



and tdn.td_id=td.td_id

and td.td_id= shd.td_id

and shd.td_tab_id=dt.tab_id

and dt.table_name='RATING CLASS'

and shd.spec_header_id=sh.spec_header_id

and sh.spec_header_id=P_SPEC_HEADER_ID;

/* return selection */

return p_get_rating;


when no_data_found

then return 'no data found in GET_rating';