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2020 (10.0)

When all previous steps are done, you can click Copy Spec on S.50.51 Copy Specification from Project to copy the selected specifications.
If the source project is a proposal project, the copy process first checks if values for all required CCC properties are met as per the SPG commodity rule. If not, an appropriate message appears with options <Continue> or <Cancel>. If you choose to cancel, the copy process stops. If you choose to continue, the copy process continues ignoring the incomplete CCCs. In this case, the specification items associated to these incomplete CCCs are copied, but the commodity Id will remain empty in the destination project.

Once the check for missing details is complete, the result is displayed on S.50.51 Copy Specification from Project: Window 2. This window displays the CCC and the resulting commodity code after providing all the missing details and mapping details, with the information whether the resulting commodity code already exists or if it has to be created.

Once the results are previewed, click Continue to continue copying the specifications.

Copying a specification involves creating all the missing data except the following:

  • Commodity group

  • Commodity part

  • Commodity rule

  • Object parameter and object parameter details

  • Tables

  • Table groups

If any of the above data is not available in the product group or project, then the corresponding data cannot be copied. If data is missing for a specification item, the software skips copying that particular item, logs the reason, and continues copying the other specification items.

If missing, the following data is created during the copy process:

  • Table details

  • Commodity codes

  • Short codes

  • Geometrics (M_GEOM_NAMES, M_GEOMETRIC_DETAILS, and Spec Header Geometric)

  • Ident (you will be asked whether new idents should be created)

  • All specification header data