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2020 (10.0)

This is the part of the MV_SPEC_ITEM_IDENTS view that fetches the weldolet idents:

union /* only for oletes input1 =DN input_2 =DN_VON input_3 =DN_BIS input_4=SCH1 input_5 =sch2 */

SELECT distinct






,mI.INPUT_1 input_1

,gd2.INPUT_1 input_2

,gd2.INPUT_1 input_3

,mI.INPUT_4 input_4


















from m_geom_details gd2 ,m_geom_details gd ,

mvp_idents mi,

m_spec_items si

where si.spec_item_id >0

and nvl(si.size1_gn_id,0) >0 /* Geometric Filter Table must be on

and si.commodity_id =mi.commodity_id

and to_number(mi.input_1) between to_number(from_size1)

and to_number(to_size1)

and decode(to_char(si.from_size2,'0000000.9999'),null,'0',m_sort(mi.input_2))

between nvl(to_char(si.from_size2,'0000000.9999'),'0')

and nvl(to_char(si.to_size2,'0000000.9999'),'0')

and nvl(to_char(si.attr_num3),mi.input_5)=mi.input_5

and -- for Weldolets

gd.gn_id = si.size1_gn_id

and gd2.gn_id = si.size1_gn_id

and gd.input_1 = mi.input_1

and gd.input_2 = decode(mi.input_4,'0',gd.input_2 ,mi.input_4)

and m_sort(gd2.input_1) between m_sort(mi.input_2) and m_sort(mi.input_3)

and gd2.input_2 = decode(mi.input_5,'0',gd2.input_2 ,mi.input_5)