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2020 (10.0)

After selecting one or more specification items in the search result window S.50.18 Specification Templates Window 3, you can click Populate Spec Items to copy the selected items into one or more specifications. A list of not issued specifications (un-issued revisions only) is displayed, from all projects of the product group you are logged. You can select one or more specifications where the selected specification items shall be copied.

After clicking OK, all selected specification items are copied into the selected specification.

While copying a set of selected specification items into a specification, all missing data is created in the project of the specification, except the following:

  • Commodity Group

  • Commodity Part

  • Commodity Rule

  • Object Parameter and Object Parameter Details

  • Tables

  • Table Groups

  • No Spec Header data will be created in the target Spec.

If any of the above data is not available in a specific product group or project, the corresponding data cannot be copied. This means that the following data is created during the copy operation of specification items:

  • Table Details

  • Commodity Codes

  • Short Codes

  • Geometrics

  • Ident (you must confirm whether new idents should be created)