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On this tab, you can fill in the required tools that will be used and are therefore part of the permit to work. Tools that you select may have safety records associated in the Safety Matrix, and if the equipment selection in the matrix matches, these safety records will be added to the permit to work.

The tools tab has the following important attributes:

  1. Tool: Select the tool or tools you need. The system offers a multi-select lookup.

  2. Tool Code: System generated sequence number identifying the tool record.

  3. Notes: Free text field.

  4. Safety Scope: This field references back to the safety scope record that generated this tool record. Only if the tool record was added because of a selection of that tab will this value be populated. Note that if the Organization Option PTWTLDUP is set to NO, the system will not add any duplicate tools from the safety scope records and will leave this field and the source fields blank.

  5. Source Type, Source Code, and Source Org.: These fields will reference the source of the tool record. For tools that are manually entered on this tab these fields will remain blank.

  6. The tab also offers a regular set of UDFs.