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The Revision Control Setup screen controls the following Safety management related screens:

  • Hazards

  • Precautions

  • Isolation Points

  • Permits

You will find a tab for each of these screens on the Revision Control Setup screen. Revision Control Setup for these screens is only active when the status of the record on that screen is either Request Approval or Approved. Simply select or unselect Protect to make a field on these screens protected or unprotected with these statuses.

Comments, Documents, and Translations are not controlled by the Revision Control Setup. These are purely driven by the status of the header record. Status Unfinished allows changes, any other status the data on these tabs is protected for these screens.

Additionally, the Permit to Work screen also has a tab on the Revision Control Setup screen even though there is no revision on the permit to work. Like the other screens mentioned in this section, status Unfinished allows changes, but with any other status most data on Permit to Work is protected. Unselect Protect to make a certain field editable when the status is moved passed unfinished. Most but not all fields of the permit to work are available as you will find and once the permit to work status reaches Closed or Cancelled the settings on this tab are not used anymore and all fields will be protected again.