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A standard permitting capability has always been an integral part of the work order processing in HxGN EAM. That capability still exists and consists of a Permits screen, a Permits tab on the Asset, Position, System, Location, and Category screens, and finally a Permits tab on the Work Order screen. New additional capabilities introduced are:

  • Permits tab on the PM Schedules and Standard WO screen. This finally makes a permit depending on the work that is executed and not only on the equipment on which work is performed.

  • Permits are now under revision control.

  • Permit UDFs.

  • Permits are associated to the work order at release, not at creation. PM work orders now always use the current approved permit, and not the one from one year ago when the PM work order was created with an awaiting release status.

With the introduction of the Safety Management capabilities the Permits screen still plays a vital role in the setup, but now much more as a template for the actual permit to work.