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When an observation reaches a certain status, you may also want to change the header status at the same time. For example, when the first observation goes to status ‘approved,’ the header nonconformity status should go from ‘open’ to ‘open and verified.’ You can use this tab to setup these status dependencies. The tab has the following important attributes:

  • Observation Status - Select the status of the observation at which point the related header nonconformity status change should also be applied.

  • Nonconformity Status - Select the status that should be applied to the nonconformity when the related Observation Status is selected on an observation of that nonconformity and the observation is saved.

  • Only if Nonconformity Status Is - Leave this field blank if you want the nonconformity status change to be applied unconditionally when an observation status change is saved. If you have a status progression defined for your nonconformities, then it is likely that you want to use this field. If your work flow prescribes nonconformities to go from ‘open’ to ‘open and verified’ to ‘temporary repair’ and/or ‘final repair’ and then lastly to ‘closed.’ When the first observation goes to ‘approved,’ a newly defined nonconformity at ‘open’ status should automatically go to the ‘open and verified’ status. At some point you apply a temporary repair for this nonconformity, and you change the status of the nonconformity to represent this. Then later a new observation is created for a re-inspection, and you approve the findings of this observation. At that moment, you likely do not want the header status to return to ‘open and verified.’ In that case, you use Only if Nonconformity Status Is and enter ‘open’ in this field.