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This screen is a combination screen showing data from both the Nonconformities screen and the Observations tab. Therefore, a nonconformity with five observations will be visible on this screen five times, one time for each observation.

On this screen when you insert a new nonconformity you are entering data for the nonconformity header and the first observation at the same time. If there is only one observation for this nonconformity, this screen will also allow editing the header data on this screen. Once there are two or more observations attached to the nonconformity, the system will protect selected fields of the nonconformity header if:

  • Protect Header Data is selected. See Nonconformities Setup.

  • And Protect is selected for the field in question on the Nonconformities tab of the Revision Control Setup screen.

If Protect Header Data is not selected, the header nonconformity data will not be protected on this screen.

The screen has the following standard tabs.

  • Comments

  • Documents

The comments and documents as well as the user defined fields are all recorded on the level of the observation on this combination screen. Data on the Comments and Documents tab will be protected if the status of the observation is superseded.

It also has a Checklist tab like the Nonconformities screen, but since this screen does show the observation, there is no need to select the observation first.

The screen has the following buttons.

  • New Observation - This button will create a new observation record for the selected nonconformity. The status of this observation is determined by the Nonconformities Setup screen. If Use Observation Status on this screen is ‘Yes,’ then the system uses the value of Re-Inspection Status. Otherwise, the default unfinished status will be assigned.

To create a new observation:

  1. Select any observation of the nonconformity for which you want a new observation.

  2. Click the button.

  3. The following buttons are shared with the Nonconformities screen:

    • Create WO

    • View All Comments

    • View All Documents