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Once setup is completed the automatic re-inspections are generated with the Generate WOs screen, or via any other screens in HxGN EAM that release preventive maintenance work, like for example the meter reading screens.

New observations are created for all nonconformities if the nonconformity satisfies the following criteria:

  • Nonconformity is associated with

    • The equipment of the work order.

    • A child of the equipment of the work order.

      A preventive work order against the building will include nonconformities of the rooms inside that building. Be careful with the choice for the parent equipment. The higher you go in the hierarchy the longer it will take to find all nonconformities.

    • Equipment of the route of the work order.

    • Additionally, for linear equipment, the nonconformity must be at least partially located on the pm work order. Note that if the nonconformity does not have the from and to filled in, it will always be included.

  • Nonconformity status (system status) must be ‘Open.’

  • Additionally, if Due Nonconformities Only is selected, only include nonconformities where the Next Inspection Date Override, or if blank the Next Inspection Date, is less than or equal to the PM work order Due Date or the System Date.

The status assigned to the new observations is controlled by the Re-Inspection Status setting on the Nonconformities Setup screen.