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The Equipment tab on the PM Schedules screen has the following important attributes related to nonconformities:

  • Include Nonconformities - Select this check box if you want new observations for re-inspection of open nonconformities of the equipment associated with the released PM work order.

  • Due Nonconformities Only - Select this check box if you only want new observations created for nonconformities that are due re-inspection.

    Even though it may sound obvious that you should select this option, the downside is that the inspector will not see nonconformities on the work order that are present, but not due for re-inspection. The inspector may be confused if he comes across an already documented nonconformity during the re-inspection, which is not on their list. And this then may lead to duplicate nonconformities. Instruct your inspectors on this decision so they know not to look for nonconformities not on their list.