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When using VerifySpreadsheetdatawithBaseline keyword, the baseline is created by exporting a known set of expected data from EcoSys.

To create successful baselines, follow these steps:

  1. Execute the steps to get the spreadsheet in EcoSys to appear as you want it to be during verification. All data must be correct and must match the scenario that will be executed in the automation.

  2. Export the spreadsheet to .xlsx format.

  3. Save the spreadsheet in the c:\EcoSysAutomationFramework\SupportFiles\<Test Suite Name>\Baselines directory using a meaningful name for the test being executed.

  4. Open the file and modify any numeric data

    • All numeric data that is exported to Excel must be modified to have a single quote (‘) prefixed to the data. The data in Excel and the data in the browser must matches exactly.

    • Modify any numeric formatting including negative symbols, decimal places, and so on so that the cell in Excel matches the cell on screen.